Scripto's dashboard is your show's homebase – the place you go to find, organize, and create scripts. From the dashboard, you can:

  • Browse and open your show's shared scripts or your private scripts

  • Search across all the scripts in your show

  • Organize your documents by creating folders, moving scripts between folders, and deleting scripts

  • Create a new script or import a script

  • Duplicate an existing script

  • Switch between shows (if you are a member of more than one show.)

  • For shows in certain paid plans, you can also create, organize, and browse private scripts.

Create a new script

You can create a new blank document or import a script from Final Draft.

Navigate and manage your folders and documents in the Folder Browser

The Folder Browser is where you navigate and manage the documents in your show's workspace. From here, you can open, create, rename, move, or delete folders and files. Learn about how to use the Folder Browser

Search across all the scripts in your show

There's a search box in the middle of the Dashboard. This will search across all the scripts in your show except the scripts that are in the trash. Learn more about search

Private Scripts

Members of shows in our TV & Film plan have a Private section in the Dashboard where they can create scripts and folders that no one else in the show can see or edit. Learn more about how to create and manage private documents and folders.

Switch between shows

If you are a member of more than one Scripto show, you can switch between shows from the Dashboard. Here's how!


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