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From the search tab in the Explorer sidebar, you can search across all the documents in your workspace. Search filters let you refine your search results.

Searches look at documents titles as well as the body of the document, and capitalization never matters.

Text searches

Single-word searches

Searching for a single word is straightforward. If you search for the word candy, you'll get all the scripts that contain the word candy. Search is weighted so that recently edited documents appear higher in the results.

Multi-word searches

If you search for multiple words, Scripto will return documents that match all of your search terms. If you search for candy hearts, all the results will contain the word candy and the word hearts but not necessarily as an exact phrase.

Searches for phrases in quotation marks

If you want to match an exact phrase, put the phrase in quotation marks. A search for "candy hearts" will only return documents that that contain the exact phrase "candy hearts."

Advanced search filters

You can apply filters to narrow down your search results.

Click on the button to the right of the search box to open the advanced search filters popover.

Select the filter(s) you want to apply and click Search.

The following search filters are supported:

  • Document type - This option is only available if your workspace has rundowns enabled. If not, there's only one type of document in your workspace and this option will be hidden.

  • Include in search β€” Any matching text will look for matches in the body of the document and document titles. Document titles only will only match words in the title of documents.

  • Last edited date β€” This filter lets you narrow results to documents that were edited in a specific window of time. Pick from the list of commonly used options (today, yesterday, within 7 days or within 30 days) or set your own custom dates.

  • Location β€” Select a specific folder and the search will return documents that live in that folder or any of its sub-folders.

When you're using advanced search filters, a tag will appear below the search box for each type of filter you've applied to your search.

To remove a filter, click the X on the tag you want to remove.

To remove all filters, open the advanced search popover and click Clear filters.

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