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Private Documents and Folders
Private Documents and Folders

Create documents that only you can access.

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Scripto is built for collaboration, but we know that sometimes people want to write on their own before they share their draft. Members of workspaces that pay for our TV & Film plan have a Private section in the Dashboard where they can create documents and folders that no one else in the workspace can see or edit.

In the Folder Browser, you'll see three folders called Shared and Private and Trash.

Shared is home to your workspace's collaborative work area. All workspace members can access the folders and documents in the Shared folder.

Private is your own personal work area. Here you can create private documents and private folders that no one else in the workspace can see or edit. Whenever you're ready for other workspace members to collaborate, share it with the workspace, which will move it out of the private folders and into the shared folders.

Creating private document and folders

New documents live in whichever folder you have selected when you create the doc. If you have a private folder selected, any new document you create will automatically be private.

Click on the Private folder (or any of its sub-folders if you've made any) and then create a new document, either by

- clicking one of the large Create New buttons on the Dashboard

- clicking the + Document icon in the Folder Browser

You can tell private documents apart from shared documents because they have a blue private icon or label.

When you have a Private folder selected in the Folder Browser, clicking the New Folder icon will create a new private folder.

Moving private scripts and folders

You can organize your private workspace in much the same way that you can organize shared docs and folders.

You can put scripts into folders and folders into folders, with as many levels of private folders and sub-folders as you like.

  • Click on the ... menu of the script or folder you want to move and select Move

  • Select the destination where you want to move the script or folder.

  • Click Move to confirm your choice.

The Move action is only for organizing items within your private workspace. If you want to move a private document out of the private folders and into the shared folders so that other workspace members can collaborate with you, you have to share them.

Sharing private scripts with the workspace

There are two ways to share a private script.

1. From the Folder Browser

  • Open the ... menu for the script you want to share and select Share

  • Pick the folder in the Shared workspace where you want to put the document and click Move

2. From the script

  • Click on the Access: Private button to open the Script Access menu.

  • Click the purple Share button

  • Select the shared folder where you want to move the document and click Move

Sharing a document will move it out of your private folders and into the workspace's shared folders.

Once you share a document, you can't make it private again.

You cannot share a private folder. You have to move each document individually.

✨ Note: Only workspaces in the TV & Film / Big Budget plan have access to Private Scripts & Folders.

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