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If your workspace is in the TV & Film Large Budget plan and you are a workspace Owner or Admin, Workspace Settings will have a Permissions tab.

Each permission is related to a workspace feature. The feature must be enabled by someone at Scripto before you can manage the related permission!

Overview of permission-based features

1. Script Access and Limited-Access Editing

When the Script Access Levels feature is enabled, every document in your workspace will have an "access level" of either Open or Limited.

When the access level is Open, any workspace member can edit the document.

When the access level is Limited, only a specified list of workspace members can edit the document. Everyone else can only read the document.

2. Push to Prompter

When this feature is enabled, scripts can be pushed directly to third-party teleprompter systems like Autoscript and Cue Script.

Only workspace members with the Push to Prompter permission can push scripts to prompter. For all other workspace members, the option will be visible but grayed out.

3. Rundowns

When this feature is enabled, workspaces have access to an additional document type called Rundowns. Rundowns are cuesheets used by live or live-to-tape shows that list the running order of all the elements and technical cues in the show.

Only workspace members with the Rundown permission can create and edit Rundowns. All other workspace members will be able to read but not edit the Rundown documents in the workspace.

Note that Rundowns can only be enabled for a workspace by Scripto employees. Reach out to us through Live Support if your workspace needs access to this feature.

4. Delete content

Only workspace members with this features can permanently delete shared scripts from the trash. Note that private scripts can always be permanently deleted frm the trash by their owner.

How to manage permissions

Go to the Setttings page and click on Permissions.

Note that only the workspace Owner and Admins can see the Permissions section. All other workspace members will not see or access the Permissions section.

You'll see a list of all the permissions.

Click to expand any of the permissions. When expanded, you'll see the list of workspace members who have that permission.

To give a permission to additional people, use the Add Member dropdown to add workspace members to the list.

To revoke a permission from a workspace member who is already on the permission list, click the Remove button to the right of their name.

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