Scripto's Push to Prompter feature lets you send scripts directly to the teleprompter. Here's how.

Note that only show members with permission will be able to push scripts to prompter! Here are instructions on how to set up Push to Prompter permissions.

1. Make sure the Prompter Helper App is open and ready

Before you can push a script to prompter, the prompter operator needs to open the Scripto Prompter Helper app on the prompter computer. (Instructions for installing the Prompter Helper app)

  • Log into Scripto's Prompter Helper app (if it's not already logged in from a previous session)

  • Make sure the app is connected to the correct show

  • Make sure a Prompter Directory is selected

  • Make sure there's a green dot in the right corner, indicating the app is connected to the internet.

In this example, the Prompter Helper app is connected to a show called The Littlest Tug Boat and the selected Prompter Directory is a folder called Prompter Testing with Scripto that lives in /Users/alicedubois/

2. Go to and open the script you want to push

Once the prompter operator confirms that the Prompter Helper app is ready, go to and open the script that you want to push to prompter.

⭐️ When you push a script to prompter, Scripto's smart filters will only send the block types that should appear in prompter. Scripto pushes dialogue, character names, and parentheses blocks to prompter, and filters out act, slug, bracket, and general block types so they do not end up in prompter. Note that you can't push a script to prompter unless it contains at least one dialogue, character names, or parentheses blocks.

3. Push to prompter!

From the script editor, click on the ... menu in the upper right and select Push to Prompter

The will open the Push to Prompter window.

The first time you push a script to prompter, Scripto will default to Entire script.

On subsequent pushes, Scripto will default to Individual slugs and it will check off every slug that has changed since the last push to prompter. These defaults are intended to minmize overwriting files in prompter. You can always override the defaults.

If you select Entire script, Scripto will push every slug that has content for the prompter. (Scripto does not push slugs that have no content for prompter.)

If you select Individual slugs, Scripto will only push the slugs that are checked. Slugs that have no content for prompter cannot be selected.

If the order of the slugs has changed but the contents of the slugs has not, select Individual slugs and make sure no slugs are checked, then push. That will update the show's run order (.dat file) without changing any of the script files.

When a push is successful, the Prompter Helper app will show a confirmation message in the Recent Updates area. For example:

4. Opening the script in the teleprompter

Now the prompter operator can open the run order (.dat file) in their prompter software. If the run order is already open and the script is re-pushed, script changes will appear automatically in the prompter.

If you are having problems getting Push to Prompter to work, take a look at our tips for Teleprompter Troubleshooting

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