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Manage settings for exporting and printing PDfs

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The PDF Preferences panel is where you can manage options for exporting and printing PDF.

Setting Your Preferences

Click the ... menu in the editor toolbar, then select PDF Preferences.

Adjust the relevant preferences and and hit save.

These preferences will apply to any script that you export as a PDF going forward until you change them again. Note that preferences are specific to you and will not apply to other people in your show.


Include header controls whether to show or hide Scripto's default header in the PDF.

Layout lets you choose between one-column or two-column options. Currently, the layout preference is only available in the secret Classic Studio script format.

The one-column layout generates a PDF that looks exactly like what you see in the script editor.

The two-column layout takes the script that you see in the editor and turns it into two columns in the PDF. All the bracketed multimedia elements appear in the left column. Speaker names, diaogue, and parenthetical — basically, everything that will go to the teleprompter – appears in the right column.

For now, one page in the editor won't necessarily translate to one printed page if you use the two-column layout.

Page Numbering is a preference that is available only for the two-column layout in the Studio script format. Continuous numbers your script with consecutive numbers on each page – the standard default for page numbering.

Restart at each slug restarts page numbers at each slug in the document. This option also inserts a page break before each slug so that they always appear at the top of a new page.

Why do we offer this page numbering preference? Two-column PDFs don't match the pagination in the editor, so Scripto's more fine-tuned page locking feature can't be used. When page numbering restarts at each slug, edits to one slug will not affecting the pagination and page numbering of subsequent slugs in the document. That way, if major changes are made to one slug on the document just before taping, you can reprint JUST the modified slug and you don't have to re-print and redistribute the entire script.

Note: For now, preferences are specific to your browser and computer! You won't see your saved preferences if you use a different browser, a different computer, or if you clear your cookies. Soon, we'll tie them to your login so they'll persist across any device.

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