You can export any script as a PDF, a Final Draft file (FDX), or a Fountain file (.fountain).

If you want to print, first export a PDF and then print it. Here's how:

1. Navigate to the script that you want to export or print.

2. Click on the Export menu and select the file type you want to export.

PDF will generate a PDF in a new tab or window (depending on your browser preferences). From there, you can print the PDF or download it.

FDX will export a Final Draft file to your Downloads folder.

Foutain will export a Foutain file to your Downloads folder.

NOTE: Scripto will print to whatever default printer you have set up in your computer settings. 

Exporting a Snapshot

  1. From the script, open the History menu.

  2. Select the snapshow you want to export.

  3. Click the Export menu from the toolbar and pick the file format you want.

PDFs with Revision Asterisks

You can generate PDFs with Revision Asterisks from the Comparison view

Learn about Snapshots, History, and Comparison View

Two-Column Layout

If you are using the Classic Studio script format, you can choose between you can choose between the one-column or two-column layout.

The one-column layout generates a PDF that looks exactly like what you see in the script editor.

The two-column layout takes the script that you see in the editor and turns it into two columns in the PDF.

Multimedia elements appear in the left column. Everything that will go to prompter (speaker names, dialogue, and parentheticals) appears in the right column.

Two-column layout is the default for the Classic Studio script format but you can change the layout from PDF Preferences.

Learn about PDF Preferences

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