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How to Delete and Restore Scripts
How to Delete and Restore Scripts
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Sometimes you'll write a script that isn't a winner. Thankfully, you can easily delete a script within Scripto.

How to Delete a Script 

1. In the Folder Browser, navigate to the script that you would like to delete and click the three-dot button to open the menu of actions.

2. Select Trash from the menu, and the script will move into the workspace Trash.

3. Once a script is in the Trash, it can be permanently deleted or restored. To permanently delete a script, click on the three-dot button on the trashed script and select Permanently delete

Only workspace members with the Delete content permission can permanently delete shared scripts. Private scripts can always be permanently deleted by their owner.

How to Restore a Trashed Script

Oh no, you've thrown out some pure gold. But it is easy to get documents back out of the trash.

1. From the Folder Browser, click on Trash, which you can find in navigation panel on the left side.

2. Find the script you'd like to restore. Click the dotdotdot menu and select Restore.

3. Select the folder where you want to move the script, and click OK. In this example, the script called Monologue 6/9 Draft is going to be restored to a folder called Drafts that is a sub-folder of 00 - Episode 105

The script will move to whichever folder you selected.


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