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How to Invite People to Join Your Workspace
How to Invite People to Join Your Workspace

How to user Settings > Members to invite collaborators into your workspace

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πŸ“ Only Owners or Admins are allowed to invite people to join a workspace or remove current members. If you aren't the Owner or an Admin, you will not be able to perform the actions explained below.

Inviting people to join your workspace

1. Go to the Members section of Workspace Settings. Clicking the Invite new users link from the Dashboard will take you directly to this page.

2. Click the purple + Invite New Member button.

3. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite into the text field and click "Create Invitation."Β 

In the Members list, pending invitations are at the top of the list and members are listed below that in alphabetical order by name. If you want to rescind a pending invitation, click on "Revoke Invitation." The person you sent the show invite to will not be able to set up an account.

πŸ’° Free plans only allow three members per workspace. To add more users and upgrade to a paid plan, get in touch with us here. πŸ’°

Note: Workspace members who are not Owners or Admins see a simpler view of the Members page that doesn't display email addresses or open invitations.

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