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Printing and Exporting Rundowns or Rundown Scripts
Printing and Exporting Rundowns or Rundown Scripts
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You can print a rundown or export is as a PDF. But because rundowns can also be a mechanism for ordering multiple scripts, you can print or export all the scripts in a rundown, or push those scripts to a teleprompter.

Printing a rundown

To print your rundown spreadsheet, click on the Export menu and select Print rundown...

In the print modal, you can adjust a few print-specific preferences:

  • Hide columns that you don't want to print by unchecking them from the columns to print list.

  • Adjust column widths for print by dragging the vertical gray bar between columns

  • Insert manual page breaks by double-clicking a row to add a page break above it

  • Select a portrait or landscape page orientation

  • Adjust the row density of the rundowns.

Once you have the preferences you want, click Print

If you want to export a PDF, select Save as PDF from the Destination drop down in the browser's print modal.

Printing Rundown Scripts

If your rundown contains more than one script, you may want to print all the scripts in the rundown as a single document. From the rundown's Export menu, select Print rundown scripts or Export rundown scripts at PDF.

All the scripts in the rundown will be printed as though they were a single script.

Push to Prompter

Pushing to prompter from a rundown lets you push multiple different scripts as though they were a single document. Learn more about using Push to Prompter

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