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Viewing Rundowns and Scripts at the Same Time in the Split Editor
Viewing Rundowns and Scripts at the Same Time in the Split Editor
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The split editor makes it possible to open a rundown and a script at the same time, like this:

Here's what you need to know about entering and existing split editor view.

Going from Single Editor view into Split Editor view

Open a rundown, then click on one of the two "split view" buttons on the right side of the document header. The button on the left will give you a top-bottom split and the button on the right will give you a left

Clicking that button will take you into Split Editor view. Now you can click on a script, either in the rundown OR in the Explorer pane and it will open in the script pane of the Split Editor.

Alternately, if you have a rundown open, you can hold Option on a Mac or Alt on a PC while you click on a script to go right into Split View. The reverse works too. If you have a script open, hold Option (or Alt) and click on a rundown.

Leaving Split Editor view

Use the X button on the right side of the script or rundown header to close the document and go back to Single Editor view.

Alternatively, if you double-click on a document in the Explorer sidebar, that document will open in Single Editor view, taking you out of Split Editor.

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