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Rundown View Preferences
Rundown View Preferences
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Show and hide columns

You can hide rundown columns that you don't want to look at using the Hide columns menu in the toolbar then unchecking the columns you don't want to see. Hiding columns is a view preference that applies only to you and doesn't affect other people's view of the rundown.

Adjust column width

You can adjust the width of any column on the rundown by clicking and dragging the line between column titles in the header. Adjusting column widths is also a view preference that will only apply to you and won't affect your collaborators.

Row height

By default, rundown rows are set to be fixed height. If you have more text in a cell than can be displayed, you can switch the row height option to wrap text. When row height is set to wrap text, the rows will automatically expand to be as tall as they need to be to display all the text in a cell.

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