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Creating a Rundown
Creating a Rundown
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Rundown permissions

Workspace members must have rundown permissions in order to create or edit rundowns. A workspace admin needs to go to the permissions section of the settings page, and add show members to the permission called Rundowns.

Creating a new blank rundown

From the Dashboard, you'll see four large "Create New" buttons. Click the one for rundowns.

From the Explorer, click the + button on the document pane header and select Rundown from the menu.

Creating a new rundown from a template

You may prefer to start with a rundown that is already partially populated. For instance, maybe you need to create rundown for every episode of your TV show, and you want to start out with a rundown that already has populated rows for act breaks, bump ins, closing credits, and other elements that are consistent across episodes.

In this case, create and populate a rundown that you call something like Rundown template. Then duplicate your template to create a rundown for each episode.

Once you've duplicated the template, you can rename the copy of your template and move it to the appropriate file.

If you duplicate a rundown that is linked to scripts, you'll be asked whether you want to duplicate only the rundown or if you'd like to duplicate the rundown and also duplicate the scripts linked to the rundown.

Duplicate rundown only will make a copy of the rundown. The copied rundown will link to the same existing scripts as the document you duplicated.

Duplicate rundown and scripts will make a copy of the rundown. It will also make a copy of any scripts in the rundown. The duplicated rundown will link to the duplicated scripts.

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