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Make the text in a script look bigger or smaller
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Zoom lets you zoom in make the text in a script larger, or zoom out of see more of the script at a reduced size. To change the zoom level, click in the toolbar and select the zoom % that you want.

Note that the zoom level you select will only change your view of the script. Multiple people working in a script at the same time can all choose different zoom levels without affecting anyone else's view.

To change the zoom level...

  1. Open a script

  2. Click 100% in the toolbar to open the Zoom menu.

  3. Select the zoom level that you want. To make the text look bigger, choose a number larger than 100%. To make the text smaller, choose a number smaller than 100%.

Once you pick a zoom level, it will be applied to any subsequent script that you open.

Beta Feature

Zoom is currently in beta. When you're zoomed to any level other than 100%, some features will be disabled or may look wonky.

  • Insert hyperlink and view hyperlink windows will not pop-up. Hold Command (⌘) and click on linked text to open the link in a new tab.

  • Character autocomplete is disabled when the script is zoomed.

  • Comment threads and the write a new comment box are very large and may be awkward to use.

We are refining these features so that they work well on scripts at any zoom level. For the time being, return the zoom level to 100% to have them work as expected.

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