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Using the Script Outline
Using the Script Outline
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The Basics

When you're in the editor, the script outline lets you navigate quickly around the script that you have open.

When you click on the script outline icon in the navigation pane, you'll see a list of the Acts and Scene Headings (Screenplay) or Acts and Slugs (Studio) that are in the script.

In the Studio format, you can toggle on "Show Brackets" to see all the Bracket blocks in the document.

Clicking on an item in the outline will automatically scroll to that place in the script. You can also drag Slugs or Scene Headings to reorder the document. (This feature is disabled when bracket elements are displayed.)

The script outline will update in real time as people write in the document.

Resize the navigation pane by dragging its right border. You can drag to close it completely or re-open it again. You can also open and close the panel by clicking on the icons that run down the left side of the Editor.

Script Outline filter lets you filter the document outline to only show items that match your search. Like this...

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