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Configuring WinPlus to work with Scripto

How to set up WinPlus to work with Scripto's push-to-prompter feature

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If you are using an AutoScript teleprompter with WinPlus software, you will need to configure WinPlus so it can access the prompter files that Scripto creates on the prompter computer. Here's how to do that.

WinPlus IP (aka New WinPlus)

1. Open WinPlus. Note that your version of WinPlus must have the Newsroom license.

2. In the Newsrooms panel, click the blue plus button to add a new Newsroom

3. The Newsroom Type should be Shared Directory. In the Name field, give it a name that will be easy to identify. Eg. Showname Scripto prompter files

For the Directory, you must choose the exact same folder location that the Scripto Prompter Helper App is using as the Prompter Directory.

4. Click APPLY and you will see your Newsroom listed.

5. In the Run Orders panel, click the button with a newspaper icon to Open Run Order from newsroom.

6. Select the Run Order you want and click ADD.

Run order titles will match the show script titles from Best practice is when the Script Supervisor uses show script titles that are easy to understand. eg. Name of Show + Episode Number + Taping Date

7. Your show scripts will appear in WinPlus.

WinPlus X Ultra (aka Old WinPlus)

1. Open WinPlus. Check the software name displayed in the upper left and make sure it says News. You must have the Newsroom license.

2. Open the Options menu and select Newsroom > ENPS (Shared Directory)

3. In the toolbar, click the button that looks like a yellow sun. (I think it's supposed to be a gear icon.)

4. In the Constants tab, look for the Remote Input Directory field. Paste the exact same directory path that you selected as your directory in the Scripto Prompter helper app.

If you set the Scripto Prompter Helper App to use the directory C:\users\alice\desktop\TVshow-Scripto-prompter-files then you should paste that exact file path into the Remote Input Directory field and hit OK.

5. In the toolbar, click on the red ENPS button. The window that opens has a list of all the Run Orders in the directory. Double-click one to open the script in WinPlus.

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