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Connect a script to Slack to send notifications about new comments.

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If you use Slack, you can connect scripts to any channel in your Slack workspace, and get updates whenever people leave comments. You need to enable this Slack integration directly from a Scripto script. Here’s how:

Turn on comment notifications in Slack

1. Open up one of your scripts and click on the Comments menu in the toolbar.
2. Switch on the “Connect to Slack” toggle

3. Log into your account, choose the channel where you’d like to receive updates, and click Allow

4. Anytime a new comment is left on the script, an announcement will be sent to the Slack channel you selected.

Turn off comment notifications in Slack

1. Open the Comments menu and switch off the "Connect to Slack" toggle.

If you have any problems, please contact us from the Live Support option within Scripto or email us at

💰 This feature is only available for shows on our paid plans.

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