Text block numbering

Number scenes, slugs, or lines of dialogue in your script

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Text block numbering lets you add numbers to scenes, lines of dialogue, or other element types – crucial for planning when a script goes from writing to production. Scripto's approach to numbering is simple but flexible, so it's easy to manage no matter how many rounds of revisions you've made. Third salmon pages, scene number 18aB? No problem!

Turning on Numbering

  • In the script editor, open the ... menu

  • Select the appropriate "Add numbers" option. In the screenplay script format, the options are "Add scene numbers" and "Add dialogue numbers." In the studio script format, the options are "Add slug numbers" "Add dialogue numbers" and "Add bracket numbers."

  • Scripto automatically numbers every block of the indicated type in the script. The numbers will also appear in script navigation and will be included if you export to PDF or Final Draft.

Editing Numbers

Once you've added numbers, they will not change, even if you re-order items or add new elements to the script.

  • If you need to change the number of an existing item, you can click on the number and edit it.

  • If you add new blocks to the script, they will get a placeholder #. Click on the # symbol and type in the number you want. This lets you choose whatever numbering convention you like best when you're adding items in between existing number. Perhaps you want a traditional option like 2A or A2. Or maybe you prefer something a little less common like 2.1. Maybe your production likes emoji and you want to do something truly unconventional, like 2🍊 Sure! Whatever you like. Scripto just wants you to be happy.

Removing Numbers

If you change the script so dramatically that you decide to start over from scratch with your numbers, you need to remove the existing numbers and then add numbers again.

  • In the script editor, open the Production menu

  • The option for numbered block types will now say "Remove ... numbers" For instance, if you have already added scene numbers the option will now say "Remove scene numbers." Select the appropriate option.

  • You'll see a popup asking you to confirm that you really want to remove numbers. It's a destructive action that can't be easily undone, so you don't want to take this step rashly. But if you confirm, the numbers will be removed. The option in the production menu will switch from "Remove" back to "Add" and you can now add numbers

πŸ’° This feature is only available for shows on our paid plans.

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