The Basics

The Folder Browser is where you navigate and manage all the folders and documents in a workspace. You have access to the Folder Browser from the Dashboard and from the Editor, so it's always easy to open, create, rename, move, or delete folders and files.

The top half of the Folder Browser shows folders and sub-folders. The bottom half of the pane shows the documents that live in the folder you have selected.

You can resize the Folder Browser by clicking the right edge of the pane and dragging it to be the size you want. You can open and close the pane by clicking on the folder icon.

Navigating Folders and Documents

Open the folder browser by clicking the folder icon on the left.

Click on a folder name to reveal its sub-folders. The lower pane will show the documents inside the folder you have selected. The list of documents in a folder is ordered by Last updated date and will dynamically update.

Click on a document title to open it in the editor.

  • Folders are ordered alphanumerically by name (00 –> Z).

  • Documents are ordered by their last updated date with the most recently edited documents first. Documents will re-order dynamically in the Folder Browser when they are edited without you needing to refresh.

Creating New Folders and Documents

Clicking the + Folder icon will add a sub-folder to whatever folder you have selected. Give the folder a name and hit Enter. Yay, you have a new folder!

Click on the + Document icon and select a script format to create a new blank document.

Moving, Deleting, Duplicating and more

Each folder and document in the Folder Browser has a ... menu with actions that you can take. This is how you copy a link to a document, move a doc or folder, duplicate a script, or put something in the trash.

Hover over the folder or doc. Click on the ... menu that appears. Then pick the action you want.

  • Copy Link copies the URL of the item to your clipboard.

  • Rename lets you give the document or folder a new title.

  • Move lets you move the item to a new folder. When you click Move, a dialogue box opens displaying your workspace's folders. Pick the folder you want to move the item into and click "OK." Note that if you move a folder, all of its documents and sub-folders will move with it.

  • Duplicate makes a copy of the document and gives it the name Copy of [orginal document title]

  • Trash will move an item into the Trash. When a folder or document is in the Trash, you'll see an option called Restore which is how you move the item out of the Trash and back into your workspace.

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