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Make sure page numbers don't change when your script goes into pre-production
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✨ Page locking is currently in beta. Email us at feedback@scripto.live if you'd like to check it out. ✨

What are locked pages?

Locked pages is a production feature that lets you make changes to the script without affecting subsequent pages. It's an odd feature if you aren't already familiar with it so examples might help:

Let's say that you turn on locked pages and then add dialogue to page 5 of a script. The text on page 5 will overflow onto a new blank page – usually numbered 5A – so that pages 6 and onward remain completely unchanged.

Now you decide to cut some lines from page 10. Instead of pulling text up from page 11, there will just be some some empty space on page 10. Pages 11 and onward remain unchanged.

Locked pages minimize the number of pages you need to print and distribute when a script changes, which saves money, paper, and hassles. If people have written notes all over their script, they'd much rather insert a new page 5A between pages 5 and 6 than have to replace every page from 5 onward. Locked pages also make it possible to use page numbers as a consistent reference or ID. The beach scene on page 25 is going to remain the beach scene on page 25, even if you add an entire new scene in Act One.

How to lock pages

Go to the ... menu and select "Lock pages." Pages are now locked! You'll see a lock icon next to every page in the script so you know page locking has been turned on.

How to number new pages

If you add to your script when pages are locked, text will overflow on new blank unlocked pages and leave the existing locked pages as they were. These new pages have a placeholder page number. Click the # and type in the approrpiate page number following whatever convention your production prefers.

Note that you can click and manually edit the page number of a locked page if you need to adjust it for some reason. This isn't common but if you delete page 10, you might want to edit page 9 to say "9-10" so people don't worry that page 10 went missing from their script.

How to unlock pages

Danger! Danger! Are you absolutely positively sure you want to lock pages?

Unlocking pages will reset all the page numbers back to 1, 2, 3, and so on.

If you unlock pages and you weren't supposed to, it'll be a big headache for the script coordinator to fix and you'll feel like a real heel. So only unlock pages if the AD and script team agree that it's what must be done.

Okay, now go to the ... menu, select "Unlock pages" and confirm that you really do want to unlock pages. Cross your fingers. Do a little dance to get the jitters out. Pages are unlocked.

πŸ’° This feature is only available for shows on our paid plans.

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