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How to get a script into a teleprompter

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Scripto has two ways to get your scripts into a teleprompter quickly and easily.

1. Push to Prompter integration with the Scripto Prompter Helper app

For shows in our Large Budget / TV & Film plan, we have integrated Push To Prompter functionality designed to work with Autoscript / Winplus, Autocue, Telescript and other industry standard teleprompting setups.

Clients simply install the Scripto Prompter Helper app on the prompter operator's computer. Then an entire script or individual slugs can be pushed directly to the prompter computer in seconds.

Scripto's smart logic filters the script and only sends the block types that ought to be in prompter, minimizing the amount of time your prompter operator needs to clean up the script in prompter after it's been pushed.

For instructions on how to install the Scripto Prompter app, email so we can walk you through the set-up process.

Export Prompter Text

Shows in either of our paid plans can use the Export Prompter Text feature.

This feature exports a prompter-friendly text file of any script in the Studio or Classic Studio format. The text file can be pasted or imported into prompter software.

The export process automatically filters out the blocks that should not be in prompter, leaving just the parts of the script that the talent needs to see.

The prompter text file contains Character, Dialogue, and Parenthetical block types and filters out New Act, End of Act, Slug, Bracket, and General blocks.

To export a prompterr-ready text file, go to the ... menu and select Export Prompter Text

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