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Picking a Script Format
Picking a Script Format
Studio or Screenplay...which type of script should you use?
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Script Formats

Scripto has two primary script types: Screenplay and Studio.

Use Screenplay to write a standard teleplay.

Use Studio for scripts that will be shot live or live-to-tape in a studio using a teleprompter.Β 

These script types have a lot on common but they are some important differences.

πŸ’« For shows on our paid plans, we can create custom script formats to suit your production's needs. πŸ’«

Script elements

Elements are the types of text blocks that can appear in a script. Both formats share many of the same element types, but each one has some that are unique, for instance you can only use Scene Heading and Action in the Screenplay format and you can only use Slug and Bracket in the Studio format.

πŸ’« Learn more about element types in Scripto here. πŸ’«

Script timing

The length of audio and video clips can change the length of a Studio script dramatically. The standard "X pages = Y minutes" formula that give you a decent estimate for a sitcom or drama doesn't cut it.Β 

The Studio format has estimated timing to help you understand how long your script is likely to be.

πŸ’« Learn more about script timing and how it works here. πŸ’«

Prompter integration

The Studio format has an option called Download Prompter Text that makes it easy to get the appropriate parts of your script into prompter. The Screenplay format doesn't have this option.

πŸ’« Learn more about getting your script into prompter here. πŸ’«

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