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Headers and Footers for printing and PDFs
Headers and Footers for printing and PDFs
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Headers and footers are added to a script when you print or export to PDF. 

You can customize the header and footers that appear on your scripts from the Print preferences... modal.

From the ... menu in the script editor, open Print preferences...

Then click on the tab for Header or Footer

This interface will let you customize what appears in the header and footer of your scripts. First, you'll see some global options.

  • Include header - uncheck this option if you want to hide the header or footer entirely.

  • Show header on first page - uncheck this option if you want the header or footer on every page EXCEPT the first page of the document. This is standard for screenplays.

  • Horizontal rule appears below/above text - check this option if you want a line between the header / footer and the text of the script.

Then you'll see dropdown menus that let you control the contents of the header or footer. Headers and footers both have three positions - left, center, and right – where you can insert a value. You can also leave a position blank.

The values Scripto currently supports are:

  • Date and time – the date and time that the script was printed or exported.

  • Page number – pages start at 1 and increment by 1 and use the following style: 1.

  • Page number/total – the page number out of the total number of pages. For example, on the 3rd page of a 10-page script, you'd see: Page 3/10

  • Script duration – the total duration of the script, for example: 17:24. This option will only work on studio scripts. The position will be left blank if you print a screenplay script.

  • Title – the name of the script.

  • Title and section info – the name of the script plus Act or Act and Slug details.

  • Custom text – When you select this option, a field will appear where you can type text that you want to appear in the header or footer.

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