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Work faster with this tightly curated set of keyboard shortcuts.

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Our goal is to help you write as fluidly and efficiently as possible. Our current set of keyboard shortcuts are all about keeping you focused on writing instead of fiddling with formatting.

Basic Text Formatting 

Scripto uses the same keyboard shortcuts for basic text formatting that you're used to from every other writing program.

⌘ + B for Bold

⌘ + I for Italics

⌘ + U for Underline

Selecting Block Types

If you memorize just one keyboard shortcut, it should be Tab.

Every text block in the script needs to have a type. For instance character, dialogue, scene heading. Scripto does its best to predict which type of block you'll want next based but sometimes there are a few plausible options.

Tab cycles through the likely block types

So if Scripto creates a new text block and it's not the type you want, hit Tab a few times and you'll probably get to the one you want. (Poweruser move: Shift + Tab cycles through block types in the opposite order.)

If you aren't getting the block type that you want...

⌘ + E will open and close the block type menu 

or, you can memorize the keyboard shortcuts for each individual block type.


⌘ + 0      General

⌘ + 1        Scene Heading

⌘ + 2       Action

⌘ + 3       Character

⌘ + 4       Parenthetical

⌘ + 5       Dialogue

⌘ + 6       Transition

⌘ + 8       New Act

⌘ + 9       End of Act

(I'll Venmo you $1 if you can correctly guess why we left out ⌘ + 7. Email us with your guess at

Studio Script

The studio script uses slightly different block types than the screenplay. 

⌘ + 0      General

⌘ + 1       Slug

⌘ + 2       Bracket

⌘ + 3       Character

⌘ + 4       Parenthetical

⌘ + 5       Dialogue

⌘ + 8       New Act

⌘ + 9       End of Act

Let us know if there are new keyboard shortcuts you'd like to see introduced! 

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