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Collaboration in Scripto

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Scripto was built with collaboration in mind. Like Google Docs, multiple people can open and edit a document at the same time. When anyone edits the script, every user will see their changes occur in real time on their own screen.

Avatars in the Toolbar

In shared documents, if several people have the same script open, you'll see the user avatars of your collaborators in the toolbar.

Click on the + More to see the rest of the collaborators in an overflow menu.

πŸ”₯ Tip – When you click on an avatar in the toolbar, Scripto will automatically scroll the document to the block that person is writing in.

Avatars in the Document

You'll also see collaborator avatars in the left margin of the text block that their cursor is in.

This contextual avatar will move as the person moves their cursor around the script so it's always to the left of the block their cursor is in. Their cursor color will match the color surrounding their avatar.

NOTE: The cursor colors will change any time Scripto is reloaded. You cannot currently assign a constant avatar color to certain users.


Are there any private folders within Scripto?Β 

  • Yes, in our paid plans, each show member has private folders and private scripts that no other show member can see.

Is there a way to create a view-only user?

  • Scripto has a feature that lets you restrict edit access to certain documents. Learn more about document access levels.

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