There are three different user roles in Scripto: Owner, Admin, and Contributor.

All show members are able to view and edit documents in a show's workspace regardless of their role. But only Owners and Admins can

  • Manage show settings

  • Invite or remove show members

  • Manage member roles and advanced permissions

  • See show member's email addresses in the Members tab of show settings

There can only be one Owner per show but you can have as many other Admins as you want.

How to make someone an Admin

💫 Only Show Owners and Admins can edit member roles. 💫

  1. Go to the Members tab of the Show Settings page.

  2. Find the person you want to make an Admin and change their role from Contributor to Admin.

How to transfer show ownership

There can only be one Owner per show. If the current show Owner is leaving a project, they need to transfer ownership before they can be removed from the show. Once the Owner transfers show ownership to another member, they cannot take it back. The new Owner will need to transfer ownership back.

1. Navigate to the settings. 

2. Navigate to the show you own. (There's a star next to the show name if you're the owner.)

3. Click on "Transfer ownership to another show member."

4.  This will open a list of your show members. Click on the name of the new owner and click "Save Changes."

You are no longer the show owner. It will say "Admin" next to your name. A star will no longer appear next to the show name.

NOTE: If you are a show owner and are not able to access Scripto get in touch immediately in Intercom or at

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