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Owners, admins and contributors

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There are three different user roles in Scripto: Owner, Admin, and Contributor.

All members are able to view and edit shared documents in a workspace regardless of their role. But only Owners and Admins can

  • Manage workspace settings

  • Invite or remove workspace members

  • Manage member roles and advanced permissions

  • See workspace member's email addresses in the Members tab of workspace settings

There can only be one Owner per workspace but you can have as many other Admins as you want.

How to make someone an Admin

πŸ’« Only Owners and Admins can edit member roles. πŸ’«

  1. Go to the Members tab of the Workspace Settings page.

  2. Find the person you want to make an Admin and change their role from Contributor to Admin.

How to transfer workspace ownership

There can only be one Owner per workspace. If the current Owner wants to be removed from a workspace, they need to transfer ownership before they can be removed.

  1. Go to the Members tab of the Workspace Settings page.

  2. Click on "Transfer Ownership"

  3. Use the "Choose New Owner" menu to select the member you would like to transfer ownership to. (Open the menu and choose someone, or you can start typing to filter the options.) Then click Transfer Ownership.

You are no longer the workspace owner. You will remain a member of the workspace with the role of Admin.

NOTE: If you are a workspace owner and are not able to access Scripto get in touch immediately in Intercom or at

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