How to Switch Between Workspaces
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You can be a member of multiple Scripto workspaces. Use the workspace menu to switch between any of the workspaces you belong to.

On the Dashboard, you'll see the name of the workspace that you're currently working in.

Click on the workspace name to open a dropdown menu that lists every workspace you're a member of. Click on the name of the workspace you'd like to switch to. You'll be taken to the dashboard of that workspace.

If you only see one workspace name in the dropdown menu, that's because you are a member of only one workspace.

At the bottom of the menu, there's an option to create a new workspace. Why would you need to have more than one workspace? The reasons we've heard are:

  • You're working on different projects or productions with different collaborators.

  • You're part of one workspace for your job, but you want your own workspace for personal projects.

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