Switching Between Shows

If you belong to more than one show in Scripto, use the show switcher menu to move between shows.

In the top left-hand corner of the dashboard, you'll see the name of the show you are in. Click the show name to open a dropdown menu that lists all the shows you are a member of.

The name in bold is the show you are currently in. Click on the name of the show you'd to switch in to, and you'll be taken to the dashboard of that show.

If you only see one show name in the dropdown menu, you are not in more than one show. If you think you should be in more than one show, speak to the owner of the show to be added.

Creating a New Show

If you want to create a new show, you can do that from the show switcher menu.

From the dashboard, click on the name of your show in the upper left corner and select + Create another show from the dropdown menu.

After you fill out the Create Your Show page, you'll be taken to the Dashboard of your new show.

Why would you need to have more than one show? The reasons we've heard are:

  • You're working on different shows or projects with different collaborators.

  • You're part of a show for work but you want your own show for personal projects.


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